Food insecurity at Lane Tech is real,

and you can do something about it.

Four years ago, at a Student-Alumni gallery reception, we stood quietly and watched while a young girl carefully wrapped a small handful of cheese and crackers into a napkin and tucked them discreetly into her backpack. After her third trip back to the buffet table, we realized it was time to bring out the Ziplock bags and offer “to go” snacks for all student-attendees at the reception.

More than one-third of Lane’s student population qualifies for the federal “National School Lunch Program” which assists youth from low-income families. In 2019, the LTAA adopted The Student Food Pantry as an ongoing service project because it relates directly to our philanthropic objectives of educational enhancements, college readiness, and access to higher education for young Laneites. Those objectives cannot be achieved unless student wellness is addressed, and nutrition is a major contributor to student wellness.

Recently, students at Lane established the “Food Pantry Club” and now our efforts are intergenerational and even more effective. Not only are there extra hands to keep the pantry at school organized and fresh, but these young team members have the pulse of the student body, they know what their classmates need, and help us design the program for maximum impact.

“I am Co-President of the Food Pantry Club with Ayushi, and together we complete orders, keep the food pantry organized and up to date, figure out volunteering times and coordinate drives.. Food insecurity is a huge issue, and we are able to help combat that problem. Through this club I have been able to help with something bigger then myself.”   Luciana

“In my opinion, the food pantry means safety and security. It’s a place where I’m not afraid to tell the staff what I need and what’s going on. I feel it’s a safe space and it has helped me and other students by giving us what we need without feeling ashamed or embarrassed. We can tell the members and staff and instead of judging, they help us.”   Cayla

In concert with social workers and counselors at Lane Tech, we have generated three sites with pre-selected items that are most needed. Alumni and friends are invited to shop at any of the retailers linked below and ship their orders to the LTAA office, where they will be sorted and redelivered to Lane as needed. Deliveries are made at the beginning of each semester and throughout the year when required. Your donation of food or personal hygiene items will help keep students in school and on track.