If you meet the required criteria, you can apply for more than one scholarship. You must submit a separate application for each scholarship that you choose to apply for.


Use a personal email address. Your CPS email will expire when you graduate. If you are awarded and we can not reach you, your award may be jeopardized.



Unweighted GPA is the most common way to measure academic performance in high school. Unweighted GPAs are measured on a scale of 0 to 4.0 and do not take the difficulty of your courses into account.
A Weighted GPA is a GPA that takes the difficulty of your classes into account along with your grades.
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Please include your complete 4 year transcript.
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The recommendation letter should come from a Lane Tech teacher/faculty who has taught you in the last four years. College letter of recommendation is acceptable. PDF files will be accepted. Please ensure that your full name is included in the titles of your file attachments. If your recommendation letter is being sent directly to the LTAA Scholarship Committee, please have teachers/faculty email it to GoLaneGo@LaneTechAlumni.org. YOUR FULL NAME MUST BE IN THE SUBJECT LINE OF THE EMAIL.


PLEASE BE SPECIFIC. What personal and financial difficulties have you encountered during your high school years?
PLEASE BE SPECIFIC. How would this scholarship award assist you and your family in funding your college education expenses?
PLEASE BE SPECIFIC. List any other scholarships or financial awards, including dollar amount(s), you have received to date.?
We want to know what you are passionate about. Including but not limited to: honors and academic awards, service learning, clubs, fine arts, music, sports, employment experience, volunteer experience, community service, special projects and leadership positions.
The personal student essay will vary with each scholarship. Please refer to the scholarship description for specific essay prompt and details.
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Is there anything that we have not asked for that you strongly feel would benefit your application? Please attach it here, i.e. samples of art work or pieces of writing.


I acknowledge that all information on this application is complete, accurate and honestly presented to the best of my knowledge and belief. The required essay and documents submitted for consideration are my own work. I understand that in order to be eligible for an LTAA managed scholarship, I must meet the minimum standards relating to the criteria specified in each scholarship. By clicking on "Yes", I hereby authorize release to the LTAA Scholarship Committee all information in this application and supporting documents. I understand that the LTAA Scholarship Committee will make the final decision.
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