Meeting our misson…

by sharing our knowledge.

When surveyed, 94% of alumni consider their time at Lane to be transformative. They say that attending Lane set them on a path to success and they want to pay it forward by sharing their personal stories and professional expertise with today’s students.

The LTAA SPEAKERS BUREAU is a collection of Lane Tech graduates who have acquired expertise in a full range of professional roles and life achievements.  Whether representing constituents in local government, inventing robots that walk on Mars, or running a “Best of Chicago” restaurant, Lane alumni have shaped our world and have plenty of stories to tell. For unvarnished opinions and information on industry trends, the value of college, how to make a compelling pitch and more, these former students are a fantastic resource.

If you are a Lane Tech Faculty member looking for ways to enhance the classroom experience of your students, click on the request button to receive a roster of available alumni-speakers. 

If you are a Lane Tech alumnus with knowledge to impart and the time to share with students, click on the Speaker’s Application button and complete the intake form.

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