On June 8, 2019, the January and June classes of 1949 joined to celebrate their 70th class reunion. There was time for socializing, viewing yearbooks and breakfast. In addition to the grads, family, and friends, the guests included Barbara Cook, former LTAA Director, George Haber, leader of the Lane Tech ’49ers, and Fred Durler, Class of ’57 and member of the Lane Tech State Championship Baseball Team!

We had a few speeches, sang “Go Lane Go,” and took the obligatory class photo. The tour brought back many fond memories—thoughts of our teachers, all gone now, and of many of our classmates who have preceded us filled conversations as we passed by classrooms, many of which are now computer rooms, robotic areas,  aquaponics, and who knows what else. Lane has changed…but so have we.

Our Class of 1949 has suffered the pangs of the great depression, five wars, assassinations, riots and even 9/11, and yet we are the greatest generation! We have realized that tough times don’t last, but tough people do. We graduated from the “School of Champions.”