Scholarship History:

In 2018, the LTAA was contacted by the family of Mr. Carl Barnickol to designate a scholarship in his name.  Mr. Barnickol proudly served Lane Tech for over four decades as both a teacher of Physical Education and as an Athletic Director.  His son, Mr. Karl R. Barnickol – January ’59, an accomplished alumnus of Lane Tech, wanted to honor his father’s commitment and dedication as an educator to thousands of Laneites over the years.  The family wishes the scholarship to be awarded to a student who has demonstrated both commitment as a student athlete and excels academically in their studies.  Established 2018. 

Scholarship Award:

$7,500 total award to one (1) student. 


  1. Lane Tech student with an expected June graduation date.
  2. The scholarship award is based on scholastic ability, academic excellence and financial need.
  3. Demonstrates teamwork and commitment as a student athlete.
  4. A member (in good standing) of a Lane Tech sports team.
  5. Acceptance to an accredited college or university.
  6. Unweighted GPA of 3.0 or higher. 

Essay [250-350 word maximum, length may vary]

Describe what you think was particularly good about the education you received at Lane Tech and what was lacking.