The AVES Vocational Education Scholarship application is available to students by invitation only; who have been selected and nominated by specific faculty members as intended by the criteria provided.  If you have been nominated and invited to apply, please proceed with the AVES application.

Scholarship History:

Fred J. Aves was a lifetime inventor who developed several engineering products and innovations. Fred Aves believed in the importance of vocational education.  For most of his life, Aves made a living by working with his hands, and his philanthropic vision was to support young people with similar aspirations.  Founded after his passing in 1997, the Fred J. Aves Vocational Education Fund was established at the California Community Foundation through Aves’ will.  His goal was to give talented students with significant financial needs the means to pursue a vocational education.

Scholarship Award:     

$40,000 per awarded recipient.

This scholarship will be awarded to two (2) graduating seniors at $10,000 each year for four (4) years.


  1. Lane Tech student with an expected June 2022 graduation date.
  2. The scholarship award is based on significant financial need, scholastic ability, academic excellence and above average grades with identified potential.
  3. Students must be enrolled in the following classes:
  4. TV Production, Aquaponics, Marine Biology, Aerospace Engineering, Engineering Design, Robotics, Innovation & Creation, 3D Printing, Web Development, Computer Programming, Computer Science, Digital Imagery, Orchestra, Sound Engineering.
  5. Demonstrates a passionate interest in school and community involvement.
  6. Acceptance to an accredited technical school, trade school, community college or university of their choice and the student intends to pursue a vocational education.
  7. The student intends to continue their vocational education for the entire length of their (four year) college education. Students may lose eligibility if they change from a vocational field of study, which is the intention of the AVES Scholarship.
  8. Minimum unweighted GPA of 3.0 or higher.
  9. Faculty nomination required.

Essay [250-350 word maximum, length may vary]

Reflecting on your time at Lane Tech, please describe your personal strengths/achievements and why you feel that you are deserving of the AVES Scholarship.