Winter 2023

Dear LTAA Members & Friends,

First, thank you to everyone who continued to support the Lane Community through your contributions to the LTAA Annual Appeal, which ended January 31st. Like you, I am a donor. I give with confidence knowing that the students, teachers, and alumni will benefit from the work that is fueled by our programs.

And work we will! After hosting two successful projects last year, expectations are high, and we are already immersed in a 2023 full of activity and impact. Events at Lane, our office, and several special experiences planned for later in the year will offer many opportunities for alumni to connect.

We are also optimistic about our philanthropic projects. It looks like our Scholarship program will be as robust as ever and provide high-potential and deserving seniors at Lane with the helping hand they need to continue to the legacy of excellence that we are accustomed to as Laneites.

Lastly, I’d like to thank our retiring Board Members for their exceptional contributions to the LTAA over many years. They helped us grow and thrive as we do today. And to our newest Board Members, I extend a hearty welcome and look forward to the contributions that they too will make to the LTAA, ensuring that our organization continues for decades to come.

With Spring right around the corner, it seems only fitting that we galvanize our organization with new energy, and we invite you along for the ride.


Herb Berg ’67/Jan
President, LTAA