Fall 2022

Dear LTAA Members & Friends,

It is an honor to introduce myself to you as the new President of the LTAA. In the next few
years, there will be many things for me to learn and act on, but I have been fortunate to have
had several years of experience on the LTAA Board of Directors and with the Executive
Committee in preparation for this new role. I joined the LTAA 3 years ago with a desire to
engage with fellow alumni and to serve in some capacity where I could express my gratitude to
our alma mater.

The education I received and the technical, formal, and personal guidance I enjoyed at Lane set
the stage for my successful 50-year career in engineering. I realized then, that now was the time
to give back to Lane, its’ students, and to assist in helping our younger generation to achieve
the success that I experienced thanks to Lane Tech. There has been no better vehicle for that
than working on the LTAA Scholarship Committee. It has been exciting and at times
overwhelming to learn how accomplished many of Lane’s students are today, despite the
incredible obstacles many of them face.

I also enjoy meeting fellow Lane graduates who never fail to impress me. Planning and
participating in member services and various LTAA activities has connected me to fellow military
veterans and those who followed similar paths into technology and engineering like me but has
also introduced me to an incredible range of graduates from all generations and backgrounds. It
has made me realize how fortunate we are to belong to such an elite group.

However, some of the most impressive alumni I have met since becoming active with the LTAA
are my fellow Board and staff members. We are on a path that will make the entire Lane Tech
Community prouder and stronger… more fearless and bold!

So please join me (and that means becoming a member of the LTAA if you aren’t already), in
this next chapter of our alumni organization. I see great things ahead!

Herb Berg ’67-Jan
President, LTAA