Winter 2019/20

Dear Laneites,

I write this after a morning where I was honored to speak to the graduates of the Class of 1969 who came together for their 50th reunion. It was a handsome lot of more than eighty enthusiastic attendees, more than two-thirds of whom came back to Chicago from out-of-state. Wow… that’s dedication!

We met at Lane in Gallery 2501 where the 3rd annual student-alumni art show, Tribe, was on display, and included the work of two ’69 classmate-artists, Paul Natkin and Loel Martin. In starting my introductory speech, I asked the group to give me a show of hands indicating who was a member of the LTAA. Less than half of the audience raised their hands. My immediate reaction was, “looks like we have a lot of work to do”.

Many alumni think that because they read our social media and receive emails from us, that they are members. Not true. All Lane graduates may be alumni, but not all alumni are members of the LTAA. If you are reading this… you’re in the website, so please take a minute to register and see if in fact you ARE a member of the LTAA, and if not, create a profile and invest in a membership.

Throughout the end of 2019 and into the new year, we will be focused on increasing membership and generating funds through our annual appeal. We even invested in this new website to make it easier!  We do not phone bank, we do not make robo-calls, and we do not solicit at our social events. We also do not charge any donors a fee for the work required to administer scholarships and grants. But that doesn’t mean we don’t incur administrative costs.

Please join if you haven’t already, give generously and commit to being an ambassador to compel others to do the same. Your involvement creates a straight line to our mission… making more connections, supporting life-long learning and celebrating our history.

Thank you and Happy Holidays,

Michelle (Milkovic) Weiner ‘76

President, LTAA